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Student Accommodation in Berlin

A student city

As the cultural capital of Germany, Berlin is a real world city where the atmosphere is free, open and ideal for students. Whatever your interests or aspirations, Berlin has something to offer for everyone.
Social media, festivities and your wellbeing


Social media can be a tricky old thing. Despite Instagram making moves to alter the way we measure our following and likes, we are still inherently interested in how many hearts or comments we get on our newest post. Let's face it - why else do we post?

A positive way to look at it is to invest yourself in something creative and feel a sense of reward or accomplishment from your own definition of a "successful" social media post/story is great. "Thanks for the like Mum". But, we can find ourselves measuring our success in unhealthy ways; for example, comparing ourselves to others. So, how do we find the happy medium?

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Moving into new student accommodation can be daunting. But, we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have...