Local guide

A Student’s Guide to Hamburg

Our Uninest Residence in Hamburg with 328 studios is in a lively location with an S-Bahn and underground station only 100 m away to get you around. The local shopping centre is just 3 minutes walk or explore the Wandsbek nightlife and have a good time in the east of Hamburg!

University of Hamburg

20 minutes tram from Navale

The Universität Hamburg can be reached by public transportation within 20 minutes – no train change needed.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

10 minutes cycle from Navale

For those studying at the Design, Media & Information faculty, the Campus Finkenau is just a 10 minute bike ride away.

Hamburg University of Technology

40 minutes train from Navale

If you study at the Hamburg University of Technology, you can easily take the train to reach your campus.

Home to numerous universities and institutes, Hamburg can be considered a major European science and education centre. But it’s also a city with a huge focus on entertainment – concert halls, art venues, theatres and clubs are scattered all over the city and offer a wide variety of possibilities. Don’t get carried away, you’re still here to study.



The district of Wandsbek offers you everything you need: From grocery stores to department stores, from pharmacies to opticians, banks and hairdressers. Many shops are within walking distance and there’s a large shopping centre, the hamburger meile, with all the fancy shops just five bus stops away. If you prefer hunting for bargains, the Hamburger Sternschanze is the right place to be. Local design can be found in Hamburg-Altona and the more exclusive shopping mile is the Alsterarkaden. Check out this website for further shopping tips all over Hamburg.


Hamburg has over 60 theatres and 100 music clubs, about 60 museums, as well as 30 large and small cinemas. Whether you are into musicals, the opera, ballet, the theatre, art or sports – Hamburg offers enough for everyone. The good public transport system will get you to all the locations in no time. Don’t miss Hamburg’s maritime events such as the Alstervergnügen, the Port Anniversary or the Hamburg Cruise Days – or the famous Reeperbahn Festival, one of Europe’s largest club festivals. Find out more about activities in Hamburg here.


You don’t even need a lot of money to enjoy the cultural highlights of Hamburg. Grab your semester ticket and take a harbour tour or visit the botanical garden – perfect after a stressful day at university. Free concerts at small record stores in the city centre, underground readings and exhibitions in the Gängeviertel make Hamburg’s vibe so special. You won’t get bored – we promise!


There are many nice restaurants and cafés in Hamburg – for the small or large appetite as well as for a small or bigger budget. Your local area Wandsbek offers you a variety of cafés, restaurants and bars as well. Enjoy some Indian food, Chinese or tasty burgers in your district. For tips across Hamburg, check out this website.