• Berlin

    As the cultural capital of Germany, Berlin is a real world city where the atmosphere is free, open and ideal for students. Whatever your interests or aspirations, Berlin has something to offer for everyone.

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  • Darmstadt

    All is on your doorstep in Darmstadt – and therefore perfect for students. One of the many benefits of studying in a small city is that it is easy to explore, and you are always bumping into people you know.

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  • Dresden

    Dresden is known as the capital of student clubs, hence you’re bound to meet some interesting people! The city is divided into Neustadt and Altstadt and offers something for all tastes and budgets to students, residents and tourists alike.

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  • Frankfurt

    Frankfurt is a great city with history and an attractive cultural offer. Despite all the skyscrapers and the business people in suits, you can have fun here. Welcome to the most international city of Germany!

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  • Hamburg

    Whether you are into musicals, the opera, ballet, the theatre, art or sports – Hamburg offers enough for everyone. As a student in this diverse city, you can not only learn from books, but from the blazing life.

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  • Münster

    Münster is one of the oldest university cities in Germany – it is considered to be extremely worth living in. Known as the cycling capital – a city of charm. With over 50,000 students in town, it’s no wonder life is buzzing in Münster. Feels like home!

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Your Move-in Experience

You are excited because you’ll shortly be moving into one of our Uninests? Until then, there are still a few things to do. But don't worry, we are happy to help you with tips on what to consider.

After you have signed your rental contract, your residence team will contact you (by phone, e-mail or via the booking tool) to arrange your move-in date with you.


Welcome to Uninest!


The move-in

And now the big day is coming up. Your move-in is imminent. Excited? Us too! But we’ll master it all together, because every residence team tries to make your move in as smoothly as possible.

For the check-in, we ask you to bring your ID or passport and proof that you have paid your deposit (a screenshot on your mobile phone is enough for us). Remember: Your paid deposit is your "entry ticket" to the residence.

After completing the formalities at the check-in counter or Management Office, the residence team will accompany you to your new home. You will receive your apartment key and together we will fill out the move-in protocol. We recommend that you check your apartment thoroughly and should you discover something that you have concerns about please contact us. Of course, we always try to hand over each apartment in perfect condition, but it may happen that we overlook a defect, that's just human.

Key in hand, move-in protocol signed? Welcome to our Uninest community! Every resident also receives a copy of the move-in protocol – we can copy it for you in the Management Office or e-mail it to you or you simply take a picture of it with your mobile phone.


Your move into a student apartment from Uninest


Which basics do I need?

Since our apartments are fully furnished, we have saved you from purchasing a large amout of furniture. You may still be wondering which basics you need for your arrival and the first few days in the residence.

Here are a few tips from us:

  • Duvet and pillows, fitted sheets and covers (if you’re not sure what size your mattress is, please have a look at the inventory list that is part of your contract or contact your residence team before moving in and we will be happy to provide you with information)
  • Kitchen utensils (cutlery, pots, pan, glasses, cups)
  • Hygiene products
  • Towels
  • Vacuum cleaners and irons with ironing boards can be borrowed from the Management Office, but you are also welcome to bring your own


What basics do I have to bring to the dormitory: cutlery, pots, pans, glasses & cups, and more?


You’ve arrived and now what?

  • Landlord's confirmation of residence (German “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung“)
    After your move-in, a few more formalities are waiting for you at the Registration Office (German “Einwohnermeldeamt”). Part of the move-in protocol is the landlord's confirmation of residence, the so called “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”. This certificate is proof that you have moved into your apartment and must be presented to the local Registration Office within 2 weeks. If you have not received the confirmation or have lost it, please contact your residence team.
  • TV-licence fees
    Usually, 2-3 weeks after registration, you will find a letter from the ARD ZDF Deutschland­radio Beitrags­service in your mailbox asking for the payment of a TV-licence fee (German “Rundfunkbeitrag”). This fee (as of December 2019: € ​​17.50) is not included in the rent and must be paid by each tenant, even if you do not have a TV or radio. Of you have friends that have moved to our residence as well and you're wondering whether it would be possible to share the amount for this service with your friends or neighbours? Unfortunately, this is not possible, because for all citizens aged 18 and over: one apartment = one contribution. You can fill out the letter you received by post online on the website https://www.rundfunkbeitrag.de/welcome/englisch/index_ger.html and even register your apartment.
  • Where will my mail and parcels be delivered to?
    Every apartment has its own mailbox with the respective apartment number. You don't have to bring your own letterbox sign or print it out. The residence team takes care of the letterbox signage and the posting of the residents list. Your parcels will be delivered to the residence’s reception and accepted by the residence team. A prerequisite for acceptance is your signature on the parcel disclaimer that you signed when you moved in. It is important that your parcel has your apartment number in the address.
  • Internet and TV

    The internet connection with the associated router is made available via an external provider. This means you don't have to bring your own router when you move in. The TV connection is already available in the apartments. You will receive more information about the login and the necessary requirements for using the TV connection when moving in, as this may vary slightly depending on the location.


Set up your Student Apartment: internet & tv


New city, new country?

No problem, because you are now part of a community of students with many different nationalities. Behind every door in your new home, someone is or was exactly in your situation and surely has a few helpful tips and tricks for you. Just speak to someone or come to the next event in the Residence to get to know other residents. Everyone experiences this phase differently and we have all benefited from the experiences of others. And if you still need help: the Residence team is always there for you. We see many new faces every year and we are always happy to help – there are no stupid questions 😊


Farewell to the family for moving to a new city or country