• Berlin

    As the cultural capital of Germany, Berlin is a real world city where the atmosphere is free, open and ideal for students. Whatever your interests or aspirations, Berlin has something to offer for everyone.

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  • Darmstadt

    All is on your doorstep in Darmstadt – and therefore perfect for students. One of the many benefits of studying in a small city is that it is easy to explore, and you are always bumping into people you know.

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  • Dresden

    Dresden is known as the capital of student clubs, hence you’re bound to meet some interesting people! The city is divided into Neustadt and Altstadt and offers something for all tastes and budgets to students, residents and tourists alike.

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  • Frankfurt

    Frankfurt is a great city with history and an attractive cultural offer. Despite all the skyscrapers and the business people in suits, you can have fun here. Welcome to the most international city of Germany!

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  • Hamburg

    Whether you are into musicals, the opera, ballet, the theatre, art or sports – Hamburg offers enough for everyone. As a student in this diverse city, you can not only learn from books, but from the blazing life.

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  • Münster

    Münster is one of the oldest university cities in Germany – it is considered to be extremely worth living in. Known as the cycling capital – a city of charm. With over 50,000 students in town, it’s no wonder life is buzzing in Münster. Feels like home!

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Frankfurt: Eat Like A Banker, Pay Like A Student

Are you new to Frankfurt and looking for the hidden foodie gems? Don’t worry about your student budget, because here’s our (not so) secret delicious eateries to enjoy in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt has the reputation of being an expensive city, but this doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to the best food in town. You may find yourself googling “cheap places to eat in Frankfurt”, to be answered with an everlasting list of places to visit offering sushi, pizza, burgers, schnitzel…all in one.

With generous portions, delicious flavours, and of course affordable prices, below are our top four picks of places to eat in Frankfurt:

1. Aroma

The Mediterranean meets Germany. Aroma serves up tasty wraps of shawarma and falafel. It has a high rating of 4.5 on Tripadvisor for a reason – it’s delicious!

Address: Oeder Weg 80

Distance from Alvarium: 11-minute drive

Distance from Urbanum: 13-minute drive

2. Aroydee

Authentic Thai restaurant in the heart of Frankfurt. Whether you fancy noodles, rice, or soup, they have it all.

Address: Stiftstraße 34

Distance from Alvarium: 17-minute drive

Distance from Urbanum: 11-minute drive

3. Pak Choi

Very close to the Main Tower and Stoltze Museum, Pak Choi is the city’s go-to Chinese restaurant. The prices are low and the flavours are high!

Address: Elbestraße 12

Distance from Alvarium: 13-minute drive

Distance from Urbanum: 10-minute drive

4. L’Osteria

The pizzas here are huge! They may cost you 10 EUR, but you can easily share it between two.

Address: Speicherstraße 1

Distance from Alvarium: 11-minute drive

Distance from Urbanum: 6-minute drive

So, there are our top four places to visit if you’re hungry and on a budget. Not only is the food delicious, but the locations are great too. All the places are in booming areas of Frankfurt like the Bahnhofsviertel and Nordend. Be sure to take a walk around afterwards to find a series of hip, cool bars to grab a drink before heading home (or staying out).