Top 5 Weekend Trips for Students in Germany

All work and no play can make your university experience extremely dull… Yes, even in Germany!

For many international students here in Germany, studying abroad is the perfect chance to travel and explore this diverse and exciting country. So listen up if you are hoping to see more of Germany without compromising on your education; we’ve scoured the map and pinpointed five towns and cities that you need to visit while you’re here… Road trip, anyone?

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Cooking on a Budget: Tips for Students

Student life has plenty of benefits, but one of the downsides is having to live on a budget – which is why people are quick to assume that student food lacks nutrients and comes out of a packet. But it is possible to live on a budget and still enjoy home-cooked meals. With some savvy shopping and planning, you can avoid the stereotypical student diet, without breaking the bank.

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Student Health Guide: Staying Well in Winter

unwell pug

German winters are notoriously cold, with temperatures often dropping below zero and snowfall almost guaranteed. Some of you might think that this calls for a celebration, as heavy snow is a great excuse to get comfortable, put a film on and avoid studying at all costs. But as you may already know – Germany stops for nothing. Expect to find your university open for business and transport running like normal, and get ready to leave the warmth of your accommodation through those cold winter months.

Winter brings shorter days and colder nights, making it more likely that those seasonal ailments will catch up with you – so we’ve put together a guide to make sure that you know how to stay well this winter:

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